Advantages of CANNA COGr

COGr is a new and revolutionary coconut product line for plant cultivation. It is perfect for the experienced and demanding grower. Advantages of CANNA COGr:
  • Total control. A grower can buffer, administer the nutrients and even determine how long he/she lets the plants grow or bloom. This way, yields can be vastly improved
  • Higher yields. The airy structure of the COGr board makes higher yields possible with less nutrients

COGr Advantages

At the heart of CANNA COGr product line are compressed unbuffered slabs of coco that require you, the grower, to soak with the special COGr Buffer Agent before you start growing. During the vegetative stage you need a special COGr Vega nutrient. During the flowering stage you need a special COGr Flores nutrient. These nutrients also contain pH stabilisers and humic and fulvic acids.