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Born from our passion for plants and driven by our commitment to produce the best; CANNA fertilisers and substrates offer every gardener the opportunity to achieve professional quality and yields from their favourite plant.

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  • CANNAZYM Two-step Test

    CANNAZYM Two-step Test

    What does the paper test represent? Paper is made up of celluose. It so happens that the cell...

    CANNABOOST speeds up the metabolism of your plant. It contains plant extracts which help the plant...

    CANNAZYM is a high-quality enzyme product. CANNAZYM accelerates the break-down of dead root...
This isn't any ordinary pumpkin time, this is giant pumpkin time!

This isn't any ordinary pumpkin time, this is giant...

The fields of Sunnyfields Farm were shades of orange and CANNA green as the sun rose on...

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