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Which plant nutrients do I need? CANNA offers high quality fertilisers, additives and substrates for growing any plant to its highest potential. There are many different cultivation methods and mediums. These can be roughly classified into five groups.

CANNA has developed a different nutrient line especially for each cultivation method. The CANNA additives can be used with any cultivation method to achieve an even better result.


Professional fast-acting product line of fertilisers and substrates for growing on peat. Recommended for both beginning and advanced growers.


Professional fast-acting product line of fertilisers and coir substrates. Well washed and precisely buffered to make cultivating on coir both simple and effective.


Professional fast acting fertilisers developed for run-to-waste hydro systems using inert substrates where the drainage water is discarded.


Professional fast-acting fertiliser for recirculating hydro systems on inert substrates. From a precise combination of the right nutritional inputs, the plant has the right balance of nutrients on each pass, and the pH remains more stable as a result.


CANNA's 100% organic food line, based on natural products. Very easy to use product line with extra attention to a characteristic taste.


CANNA Additives improve the health of the plant, prevent problems and can help ensure a better end result.

Other Products

Besides the additives, there are also other products that can be used alongside the main nutrient. These products improve and correct the nutrient solution.

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