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Is CANNACURE a pesticide?

No CANNACURE is not a pesticide. CANNACURE controls and/or prevent plant pests and mildew in a natural way.

When can I use CANNACURE?

CANNACURE can be used from the start of the growth phase all the way up until harvesting. When CANNACURE is used to prevent pest please spray weekly, if CANNACURE is used to control pests please repeat spraying the plant after three days and when necessary again after three days, then weekly afterwards.

Which pests does CANNACURE control?

Research has proven that CANNACURE controls and prevents heavy infestation like whitefly, spider mite, aphids, and mealybug. But also works against mildew.

Can I use CANNACURE next to my other feed?

CANNACURE can be used the whole growing and flowering phase! Remark CANNACURE does not replace your normal feed but can be used next to your normal feed.

Is CANNACURE harmful for the environment?

No CANNACURE is not harmful for the environment! CANNACURE is biodegradable and can be used on edible as well as ornamental crops.

How does CANNACURE control pests?

CANNACURE provides the leaves with a second natural skin, that makes it impossible for pests and mildew to function properly. This skin forms a sticky layer which controls plant pests and makes sure the plant is able to breath.

Is the only working of CANNACURE to control and/or prevent pests?

NO definitely not! One of the characteristics of CANNACURE is to control and/or prevent plant pests, but it is also a foliar feed. CANNACURE keeps your plant healthy, shiny and clean, enabling optimal photosynthesis. This enables your plant to concentrate on flowering.

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