Watering plants? How and how often?


NTK Tip 4: Watering your plant

Watering can be a difficult aspect of growing. This is because watering affects not only the moisture content of the growing medium, but also the amount of food that the plant receives, and the way it grows – both vertically and in terms of leaf surface area. Additionally, watering is a way of correcting the EC and pH values in the substrate.

This tip will concentrate on maintaining the moisture level in the substrate at the right level. That's not as easy as it might sound, because how much and how often you need to water depends on many factors, such as which kind of growing system you are using, how you water your plants, which substrate you use and the conditions in the growing room. There are no golden rules about watering. But this video will provide you with some guidelines that you can use to estimate whether you are watering correctly.