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Thoughts on Watering Plants

5 November, 2009
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What is the best watering frequency for me to use in my system? This is a question we often get asked - but it is hard to answer. There’s absolutely no easy response, but only one right one: when the plant needs it! Both watering frequency and, to a lesser extent, the amount of water to apply, depend on many outside variables that further complicate the issue, so the grower needs to maintain an ‘eyes on’ approach in his or her growing techniques.

This is the one area in the growing process that makes or breaks a grower. Once we moved out of a natural setting into one of our own design, and began demanding top performance from the crops we produce, we opened a Pandora’s Box for the grower. We fundamentally changed the water relationship between the plant, the medium, and the grower. To fix this problem, the industry has developed a wide variety of media and systems that work well with the change. The answer to the question ‘Which one is right for you?’ depends entirely on the type of grower you are. Understanding how the pieces act when they come together gives you an indication of the method that is likely to work best with your style. If we modify our approach to watering to adjust for all the variables our plants may encounter and that are unique to our growing situation, we will achieve the best results possible. The one variable we cannot adjust for is a grower who fails to adapt his or her growing techniques - or fails to design his or her production system - around those limitations...

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