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Influence of music on plants

5 November, 2009
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Do plants listen to music? How can a plant possibly respond to music? Well, plants breathe through their many mouths, which are also known as stomata. And it has been discovered that plant stomata respond to music!

A few years ago, scientists at the University of California, San Diego in the United States discovered a signal mechanism that controls a plant's stomata. The two cells that form the stoma consist of specialised cells (guard cells) that are tuned to the resonant frequency of calcium. When exposed to this frequency the stomata close. However, if the frequency is not exactly right the cells will open again within an hour. This happens even if the concentration of calcium is so high that the stomata would normally close. Experiments showed that exposure to high tones was more or less directly responsible for increased gas exchange, and not just after an hour...

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