Event: Do we love tomatoes?! – La Tomatina 2014

Do we love tomatoes?! – La Tomatina 2014

The biggest food fight festival in the world has just finished and CANNA was there! On August 27th, together with 22,000 other tomato fanatics, our love for tomatoes was tested at La Tomatina in Buñol, Spain. On the 69th edition of this crazy tomato fest, CANNA decided to send in a team of brave young people to experience this frenzy where over 140,000kg of tomatoes are crushed into mush in the streets of a quiet Spanish village...

When entering Buñol in the early morning of the 27th, all omens seem to point to another quiet sunny day. Then the crowds come... people are already half naked and sweaty, spirits are high and then.....the trucks roll in. The crowd goes wild as the first loads of tomatoes are flung across the air from the trucks. The assault is not left unanswered for long. Within no time, the streets are filled with a red tomato river, where water canons and hoses add to the fun.

What a great day for tomato lovers! Head-butting a tomato with the face is not something to take lightly, but to experience La Tomatina is well worth it! Catch up!!

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