CANNA Adventure Vienna

CANNA Adventure

In the weekend of 2-4 October 2015 CANNA was present in Vienna. In the capital city of Austria we suprised some visitors and asked if they would go on an adventure with us without knowing what they were going to do. Would you say yes?

CANNA Adventure

At 14.00 hrs sharp, we phoned multiple day-winners to inform them about the fact that they were chosen to become 'CANNA Adventurers'.

The excitement and nerves were clearly visible on their faces when they arrived at the meeting point. After receiving their CANNA survival backpack they jumped into the car for a drive to the secret location. The excitement in the car rose as well as the fear of what was coming. Do you want to know what they did?

Watch the movie and maybe one day you will be part of a CANNA adventure!