The what’s and whys of organic growing

The what’s and whys of organic growing - part 2

Obviously it’s impossible to judge the exact contents of a product by its label, but the label actually will tell you if the product is manufactured in accordance with international guidelines and rules. So, always make sure that your organic products carries the following logo on the label:


The organic production supervisor

The Control Union foundation supervises organic production worldwide. The Control Union foundation issues the EKO quality seal for consumables and the CU (Control Union) for products that are allowed to produce EKO products. This quality seal is the absolute guarantee that the product is really organically produced with respect for nature and the environment. An organic product does not contain any fertilisers, chemical pesticides, chemical or synthetic flavours, colours or preservatives.

Also, a product that has been certified by the Control Union may not contain any genetically modified organisms (GMOs). The use of the CU quality seal is bound by strict rules and is only allowed with the foundation’s permission. Control Union strictly regulates and controls its implementation and takes steps to fight improper use and abuse.

BIOCANNA fertilisers are guaranteed 100% organic and are subject to strict and continuous control by both CANNA Research and external parties such as Control Union World Group.

Fermentation and the production of BIOCANNA


BIOCANNA fertilisers are produced in accordance with a complex process. An important step in this process is fermentation. The term fermentation is derived from the Latin verb ‘fevere’ which means ‘to boil’. Fermentation is the breaking down of complex substances by means of micro-organisms. (micro-organisms are critical to nutrient recycling in ecosystems as they act as decomposers). Among other things, fermentation is used in the production of wine and beer.

Consistency is the key word here. Since we work with biological materials it’s quite complicated to produce exactly the same specifications over and over again.

After lengthy research into special micro-organisms and vegetable produce, CANNA Research has succeeded in developing a 100% controlled fermentation process. This makes it possible to obtain a consistent product with exactly the right mineral composition and organic ingredients. And it guarantees that the substances in BIOCANNA products are immediately absorbable and stimulate the plant’s metabolism and resistance. In addition they improve the potting mix quality and biodiversity.

Because of their unique fermentation process, BIOCANNA products are rich in bioactive substances that have beneficial effects on a plant’s growth. Below we’ll highlight two important bioactive substances:

  1. fruit acids
  2. oligosaccharides


Fruit acids

Fruit acids are organic acids that are responsible for among other things, the pleasant taste in fruit. For example, natural fruit acids are extremely good for the skin. They help in exfoliation (removing dead skin cells), reduce blemishes and retard the ageing process. The diversity of fruit acids is enormous and they are classified based on the length of their carbon chain. The short chains are capable of forming complex chelate-like compounds with trace elements. This also causes them to be easily absorbed at less ideal acidity levels. A good example is glucoronic acid, which also has an antibacterial action and is practically impossible to imitate synthetically. Long chains such as polyuronides improve metabolism and stimulate the excretion of harmful substances from the cells. The long-chain fruit acids give products a natural long-term durability.

BIOCANNA liquid fertilisers are rich in a balanced, special mix of these beneficial fruit acids.


Oligosaccharides are natural carbon compounds with a regulating function in the growth of all plants. They were discovered not so long ago and the number of functions attributed to these substances is still growing. Besides their regulating function for growing and blooming plants, oligosaccharides increase the plant’s resistance to harmful fungi and bacteria. Oligosaccharides activate the production of natural antibiotics that the plant uses to fight pathogens (organisms that cause disease or illness to the host). Besides all this, oligosaccharides stimulate the growth of the plant above ground as well as its roots. BIOCANNA’s BIORHIZOTONIC is rich in oligosaccharides. Everyone who has worked with this renowned product knows its power to stimulate growth.

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