RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2019

CANNA & Medwyn Williams partnership at RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2019

14 May, 2019
Leading plant nutrient and growing medium brand, CANNA, is debuting at RHS Chelsea this year in support of champion grower and 11 time Chelsea Gold Winner Medwyn Williams, who will be displaying a typically impressive array of vegetables, including the first to have ever been registered with the Animal and Plant Health Agency in the Welsh language.

CANNA & Medwyn Williams partnership at RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2019

Attendees can visit the stand to view Medwyn’s outstanding display of pristine vegetables and to find out more about how he has grown them using the CANNA COCO Professional product range. Representatives from CANNA will be joining Medwyn on the stand to provide “The Solution for Growth and Bloom” with information about its unique range of scientifically researched and developed growing mediums and nutrients.

Years of experience combined with CANNA's history of plant research and development has culminated in effective formulas that enable and guarantee anyone, even inexperienced growers, to achieve gold medal worthy results.

Using CANNA’s cutting-edge, nutritional plant products is clean, simple, easy, and does not harm the environment. Each CANNA product has been created to offer the user the greatest yields possible. This is something that champion vegetable grower and Chelsea Gold winner, Medwyn, can vouch for. The RHS Chelsea Flower Show veteran has been working with CANNA for the past eight months in order to develop the biggest and best vegetables possible that keep to his ethos of “If you can’t eat it, don’t show it!”

He shares CANNA’s passion for protecting the environment, and is keen to demonstrate the fact that healthy, delicious food can be grown anywhere. Medwyn has been using CANNA's COCO product range. At the heart of the COCO range is the coco substrate, a unique growing medium produced by processing coconut husks which were previously classed as a waste product. The processing and full buffering of this raw product into high quality horticultural coco growing medium offers growers consistent high quality material with every batch carrying the strictest R.H.P quality mark.

CANNA's COCO A & B nutrients have been scientifically designed to work alongside the subtrate to offer the best quality results. This two-part nutrient contains all the essential elements for optimal growing and flowering for best results.