RHIZOTONIC: Improved formulation!

RHIZOTONIC: Improved formulation!



Here at CANNA, we are constantly working behind the scenes, researching ways to make tangible and worth-while improvements to our products, only implementing change that will genuinely benefit the grower. With that sentiment in mind, we are pleased to announce the launch of our new and improved formulation of your favourite rooting stimulant: CANNA RHIZOTONIC.

The new formulation of RHIZOTONIC has been produced in such a way that dosage and application remains the same as before, so there is no change to the normal growguide routine other than easier tank management.

So then, what exactly are the practical differences a grower will notice?

Easier pH Management (typically):

As a result of the improved extraction process, the pH of RHIZOTONIC is now more acidic, rather than its former alkaline version. Therefore, you will usually require less pH adjustment after applying it into a nutrient solution.

Improved Effectiveness Over-time:

The over-all shelf-life of RHIZOTONIC has doubled! Now boasting a two year life span, the wealth of benefits gained from applying RHIZOTONIC remain at optimal efficacy for twice as long.

Richer Colour and Improved Smell:

RHIZOTONIC now has a darker, richer colour to it. It is easily distinguished from the old version in the concentrated bottle and will appear slightly more red when diluted. The sea-side smell has now changed to a deeper sugary-sweet one – much easier on the nose!

For more information about each and every change, see the following link to an extensive interview with our principle researcher, direct from the CANNA Research Facilities.

Read the Full Interview

Interview with Mr. Bakker

Principal investigator CANNA Research, Holland

1. What was the reason for CANNA to develop a new formula for one of the best-selling products, CANNA RHIZOTONIC?

We are continuously testing the products in order to make improvements and to better understand how they perform in different circumstances. In the case of RHIZOTONIC, we noticed some stability issues as the product aged (precipitation and loss of colour), and a relatively high pH of the product. While we are aware that some users consciously use RHIZOTONIC to increase their pH-values, not all users pay attention to the pH of their nutrient solution. Therefore, the product could pose a risk to the ideal pH of the solution, which we would like to keep between 5.2 and 6.2. So we looked at the production and extraction process of the algae we use, and were able to obtain an extract that is not so high in pH. In addition to a pH that is better suited for plant growth, this also enabled us to increase product stability – doubling its shelf life to 2 years.

2. What are the biggest differences compared to the old formula?

Definitely the pH and the stability! The different extraction and production process also increased the (stability of the) colour. It has a noticeably darker colour than the old formula. Rest assured; the amount of organic matter from the algae is similar, so you can use the same dose of as you did before. There won’t be any differences in function. Additionally, the product has less of a marine (fish-like) odour due to the acidity of the product, although there is just as much marine algae in there.

3.What will the grower notice in practice?

During cultivation, there will be some differences, the pH of the nutrient solution after applying the improved product will behave differently compared to the previous formula. It will not increase the pH any more, previously it could cause your nutrient solution pH to rise above 7. Now the solution will be neutral or slightly acidic, depending on what else is in it.

Just as with the old formula, the plants will be more tolerant to stressful situations (e.g. the repotting of cuttings or small plants, whilst providing increased root production.)

4. What tips would you like to give the grower on this new formula?

Growers that measure and modify their pH should continue to do this after using the new RHIZOTONIC formula and, depending on your water quality, increase the pH if required. Growers that use RHIZOTONIC without checking the pH, can rest assured that the pH will now be less likely to cause problems.

Be aware that RHIZOTONIC contains organic matter. If left in nutrient solution (or irrigation tubes) for too long, microbes may feed on it. While this doesn’t have to be a problem, it’s not the best look. Depending on your set-up, be sure to frequently change/fully use the solution and if necessary, flush irrigation tubes with water or nutrient solution.

Although we understand that it is tempting to use high concentrations of RHIZOTONIC to give the plants the best care possible, using higher than recommended concentrations on young, sensitive, and/or already stressed plants is not always beneficial. Taking good care of your plants is also knowing when not to over-do it.