CANNA TERRA: just results!

CANNA TERRA: just results!

CANNA is a trusted name among growers. Since the 1980’s the founders of CANNA have proven that passion for plants and a scientifically sound approach go together perfectly. CANNA is the top brand name for the grower who wants to get more out of their hobby.

Familiar with all fields

CANNA supports growers at home and abroad with 100% reliable products carefully developed and tested in their own laboratory. CANNA introduces only products that are scientifically proven, to the market.

CANNA offers a product line for every substrate:


The natural basis

The biggest advantages of growing in potting mixes are its ease of use and tolerant nature of this medium. CANNA’s product range consists of nutrients, additives and mediums and it's the medium preferred by most Dutch growers today. CANNA TERRA nutrients (CANNA Terra Vega/Flores) are developed for indoor and outdoor cultivation. Its unique composition ensures a balanced uptake of nutrients: the plant does not experience nutrient shortages or excesses. The specialised method of preparing CANNA TERRA nutrients guarantees an optimal development of the young plant and is a well-kept secret. It has often been imitated, but no attempt was successful; CANNA TERRA nutrients are still the most effective and most successful product on the market.


CANNA TERRA nutrients can be used with all potting composts. Even on the most barren ground* you can grow beautifully vivid, green plants with these products. For perfect conditions CANNA Terra Professional (the best value) and CANNA Terra Professional Plus (the best buy) are available; these mediums form an ideal combination with the CANNA TERRA nutrients.

* A mixture of peat and possibly other components, not supplemented with fertilisers, except it has to be pH adjusted with lime.

Easy to use

CANNA translates scientific knowhow and years of experience into direct benefits for users. Thus, it is not surprising that CANNA TERRA is the obvious choice for experts. Even better, you don't have to be an expert to achieve first-class results. The dosage and composition of the CANNA TERRA products enable beginners to produce an excellent harvest. Even down to the packaging, CANNA is geared to ease of use and guaranteed results: the handy 1 litre dispenser bottle is just one great example.


Concern for the environment

From the start CANNA chose an environmentally conscious approach. This is evident not only in the natural quality of CANNA TERRA products, but for example also in the careful choice of packaging materials. Instead of PVC, CANNA uses an easily decomposed plastic for its bottles, caps and labels that is recyclable and environmentally friendly.


Point of reference: CANNA Research

At CANNA dealers you can obtain expert advice. But it is good to know that you can always count on CANNA. On our website you can find quick and easy information about our products, in the form of leaflets, newsletters, grow schedules and infopapers.

Through our website experts from CANNA Research can be contacted: they will provide answers to all your questions.

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