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CANNA TERRA is a line of nutrients and substrates which are specially developed for growing plants in peat based potting mixes. CANNA TERRA can be used for cultivating in both pots and open potting mixes, indoor and outdoor.

CANNA TERRA nutrients have been developed to give excellent results with every type of potting mix. To make the most of the TERRA nutrients, CANNA has a special range of potting mixes: CANNA Terra Professional, CANNA Terra Professional Plus and CANNA Terra Seed Mix.

Advantages of CANNA TERRA:

  • High yields
  • Easy to use, ideal for the inexperienced grower
  • TERRA nutrients are absorbed quickly
  • Better growth and flowering

Why it's not good to mix brands...

  • CANNA TERRA substrates are pH-adjusted for long-term control with a lime charge large enough to last an entire cycle.
  • Lime is a source of calcium and therefore it is not needed in the nutrient bottle
  • Using another branded nutrient on Terra will lead to too much calcium at the expense of other nutrition elements required by the plant
  • CANNA TERRA fertiliser is therefore precisely formulated for the substrate

Be loyal to your team!

For more info: Don't mix brands

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