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GROW 2012

17 October, 2012
This year's event took place at Manchester Central hosting nearly 2,000 of enthousiastic growers. Saturday was 'trade day' where CANNA was represented by our dedicated colleagues and in the stand alone stand we had a focus on demonstrating how roots grow in our unique CANNA Aqua Clay Pebbles and the effect of using buffered coco versus non buffered coco.

buffered coco vs. non buffered coco

Whether it was because people were a little tired from walking around or a hard days week, not sure, but the CANNA bean bags and the CANNA bicycle were greeted with a sigh of delight and smiles. What do you think, should we start thinking about an official CANNA merchandise line?

CANNA bicycle

CANNA organised a seminar after the trade show for the shop-owners, making sure attendees had their bit of munching and drinks. Are you interested in organising or attending a seminar in your area, let us know!

Thank you all that came to see us this year, and for those who couldn't make it; perhaps we see you at another trade show.